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Published 12/15/2018.


This 379-page PDF eBook with front and back full color cover is in the Health and Self-help categories of books. The book is written for a general audience, especially for those dealing with acute or chronic muscle and joint pain. It is for persons, their family and friends who are looking for better ways to deal with pain, when what they are trying is not working. There are 12 color and 7 grayscale original illustrations, internal and external hyperlinks and a 9-page index.  It is fully searchable.


ISBN  978-1-7322873-1-0

eBook PDF, The Miracle of Pain

SKU: 5712310
  • PDF version 1.5, 379 pages, 131,973 words, 6.796 MB.  Editing is not allowed, but you may copy the file to all your personal devices.  It works on laptops, tablets and phones.  It works especially well on a phone if you can turn your phone sideways (auto-rotate, landscape viewing).

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