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This article is on a principle of pain relief that is covered much more in depth in the book, The Miracle of Pain.  The content is educational and should not be used as medical advice.
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Did I mention yet that Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) are federally protected organizations, which gives them their unique idiosyncrasies?  Oh, did I mention that Medicare has gradually been more aggressive with denial of care coverage, care that they say they cover?

State laws have allowed private insurance companies to contract with physicians since the 1980s, which gave birth to the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) insurance products with vast power over physicians and patients.

August 20, 2019 — Is government helping or hurting health care?

State and federal control of health care has increased gradually over the last 30 years.  There is Medicare, Medicaid, Workers' Compensation, Military medical care and Veterans Administration medical care.  We have become more dependent on these programs for pain relief, however relief of chronic pain has become more elusive.

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In my book, The Miracle of Pain, I relate a story of a knee patient in the early 1990s.  “Our office was required to start calling for ‘authorizations’ from insurance adjusters to get something done for PPO patients.  …My medical assistant told me that we could not get a custom knee brace for a patient who tore an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).  …She said that the insurance adjuster denied it.  I called the adjuster...  After I explained why the patient needed the brace, she said, ‘No, I am still going to deny it because my husband had a knee injury, and he did not need a brace.’  I could hardly believe what I had heard.”

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Mature Angel Face Tree Rose

We should not turn our health care over to politicians, none of whom are smart enough to legislate or manage health care insurance, regardless of what they promise.

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