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Another Blog Article by David E. Smalley, M.D.

This article is on a principle of pain relief that is covered much more in depth in the book, The Miracle of Pain.  The content is educational and should not be used as medical advice.
The original photos below emphasize the wonders of nature around us, which reflect the miracles within us.
January 20, 2020 — Lose Weight a Simple Way

Many ask, “How can I lose weight?  My doctor will not talk to me.  I have tried everything!”  Though activity and exercise are okay… they are not the answer.  The forces on our joints from being overweight are tremendous.  When we need to protect a painful knee, the forces are transferred to surrounding joints.  This abuses them and can wear them out.  The forces can also easily be taken up by joints as far away as our wrists and shoulders.

Simple does not mean easy.  Losing weight is almost never easy, except if you are ill and cannot eat or absorb calories and nutrients.  The body automatically converts excess calories it does not need into fat.

Holiday treats are wonderful, but any snowman knows too much is dangerous

Holiday treats are wonderful, but

any snowman knows too much is dangerous

Rationalizing is easy:  I cannot lose weight; My joints hurt too much to exercise; Everyone in my family is overweight; I am calmer when I eat; I like my fluff; They are too skinny; I need some chocolate once in a while.  Some of the rationalizing may even be correct, but what we do, as opposed to what we say, may be worlds apart.

Nutritional choices are a constant challenge.  We like to eat.  We like to feel good, but we do not always make choices that help us feel good when it comes to eating.

A varied and balanced diet is essential, but just as important, if not more important, is portion control.  Seven food groups of a pyramid which illustrates amounts to eat from greatest to least include water, grains, vegetables, fruit, proteins including nuts and meat, dairy and oils.  Desserts are not listed for good reason.  We do not need them.


Losing weight quickly does not help form good habits.  It is easy to go back to old habits and then gain the weight back.  One pound a week translates into 50 pounds in a year, and it is a sustainable pattern that allows discipline and better habits.  It takes desire and work to change habits for the better.

Five-pound dumbbells, can be extra baggage

Five-pound dumbbells,

can be extra baggage

Is drinking water a solution that is too easy?  Does a plain glass of water after a meal help satisfy an appetite?  Yes, and it can be very helpful in many ways.  Smoothies are not the answer because chewing is a normal and important part of food digestion and nutrition.  Some tell me they cannot stand to drink water.  They need flavors in it or at least some sugar!  Many processed foods send appetites out of control with abundant salt or sugar, sometimes both.

Question — How long would you carry around a bowling ball before you would want to put it down?  Just 3 five-pound dumbbell weights are about equal to an average bowling ball.  What if we are 50 pounds overweight?  Control of our appetites is always important.

One more question — Have you ever seen an overweight Gazania flower?

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Gazania flowers are hardy

and disease resistant

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