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Reviews of the Book

Duane H., Retired – “The Miracle of Pain is written in an easy-to-read format and presents a comprehensive and good sense approach to handling your body’s physical pain, from prevention and first symptoms to post surgery recovery and rehabilitation.  Dr. Smalley also provides useful insider advice on how you can get the most benefit out of your doctor/patient relationship.  The Miracle of Pain is a valuable resource for the patient and physician alike.”

Katie R., Financial Client Experience Director – “I really enjoyed the clear, detailed and straightforward tone the book takes to tackle problematic medical issues.  The personal stories give an inviting “family table” feel that I think is missing in headline news and social media.  I thought the court case was a change of pace that I found refreshing.  I could relate to the difficulty in changing bad habits for those you are trying to help.  Medical advice and financial advice both may require a shift from bad habits at times.”

Brent F., Fire Captain – “This book identifies an issue that most of us will encounter at various levels in our lives, families, and careers:  pain.  Working on a busy Advanced Life Support (ALS) Truck Company, I am all too familiar with the tragedy brought on by pain from overdoses and addiction to depression and suicide.  Dr. Smalley, in very simple terms tackles pain from many angles in an easy to read volume that requires no medical background.  Pain should be a teacher… not simply something we mask and hide from.”

Mike S., Chem Engineer – “I found [the chapter on knees] very, very informative and beneficial for my situation.  Absolutely no suggestions or improvements that I can think of.”

Katie C., Editor – “I finished reading through the manuscript.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your career and experiences, the individual impressions and cases you worked with were interesting and thought-provoking.”

Landon D., PharmD. – “I enjoyed the read and learned some ideas that I hope will help me personally, and with my patients.  Interestingly, the timing is perfect, as the opioid epidemic continues, and we are being required to go to training about it ... the book introduces some important ideas about better ways to handle pain.  Dr. David Smalley also makes important points about government, insurance, and the herbal/supplement industry.”

Landon D., PharmD. continued – “Why do we have pain?  What are the right ways to deal with it?  Dr. Smalley brings a lifetime of professional and personal experience to address those questions.  Through an entertaining series of stories from his practice as an orthopedic surgeon and from his own experiences with injuries, he declares that pain has a purpose – that it is an important warning to us to change our behavior.”

Landon D., PharmD. continued – “This book should be required reading for physicians (especially student-physicians), other health-care professionals, and anyone who suffers from pain.  Dr. Smalley offers a better way to handle pain than 'toughing it out,' or turning to the addictive cycle of narcotic pain medicines.”

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