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This article is on a principle of pain relief that is covered much more in depth in the book, The Miracle of Pain.  The content is educational and should not be used as medical advice.
The original photos below emphasize the wonders of nature around us, which reflect the miracles within us.
August 31, 2020 — Do You Love Truth?

We might ask ourselves, “Why am I having pain again?”  Well, if we feel back pain halfway through weeding a row in the garden without paying attention to the time, we might realize we were bending over at the waist for close to 20 minutes.

If we ignore the pain, we might want to keep going until we finish weeding the row.  Suppose we knew, however, that the pain had occurred the same way a week before.  Those details about our pain, garden plants, black widow spiders, the moon and the existence of God, our Creator are examples of truth.

If we ignore the pain or cover it up temporarily with pills, we do not learn from the recurrent pain.  If we know and remember the truth about why the pain reoccurred, we can have a sense of direction and allow our body to heal.

Garden Weeds - 

Spurge, Water sprouts, Crab grass

Garden Weeds Gone

Pain is confusing because it happens sometimes if we do too much and sometimes if we have done too little.  While watching TV, if we feel buttock pain or leg numbness, we might realize we have been there for 45 minutes.  If only 15 minutes remain for the program to finish, we have a choice.

Black Widow Spider in Compost Bin

Do we interrupt our TV show, or do we pay attention to the pain and change positions?  Do you look for details about the pain you feel?  Are you excited to learn?  New discoveries of truth can be eye opening.  Everything in this world, including our body, changes in time, except truth.

Do we love the truth, or do we love a lie?  Stories that are false or only partially true may make interesting entertainment if the author clearly acknowledges to us that they are fiction.  If those false stories are presented as truth however, they become lies.  Truth is knowledge of things as they are, as they have been and as they will be.

Both science and religion look for truth.  So why is there confusion about truth?  Sometimes we have not been taught the truth.  Sometimes we have been lied to.  In a free country, we get to choose the source of what we learn.  Choose wisely and look for truth!  That can often help our bodies heal and have no pain.

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Full Moon with Telescopic Lens

Full Moon with Telescopic Lens

Satellite TV Controller

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