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Another Blog Article by David E. Smalley, M.D.

This article is on a principle of pain relief that is covered much more in depth in the book, The Miracle of Pain.  The content is educational and should not be used as medical advice.
The original photos below emphasize the wonders of nature around us, which reflect the miracles within us.
June 15, 2019 — We have an epidemic of pain and an epidemic of pills, not just opioids

There are increasingly frequent, current news stories and many personal accounts of tragedy related to the abnormal use of pain pills, specifically natural and synthetic opioid drugs.  They may temporarily solve an individual’s pain, but they often come back to haunt the person and their family and friends with addiction or dependency.

How often are we going to see or experience these tragedies before we do something more that will have a lasting effect for those who are in pain.  We can do something one person at a time, or we can reeducate many at a time.  The purpose of my book, The Miracle of Pain, is to do both.  It addresses common and uncommon causes of chronic muscle and joint pain for anyone who is suffering or interested.

A 35-year-old man once asked me if his persisting pain in his elbow was because he was getting older.  I thought he was joking at first, but his facial expression told me that he was serious.  I told him that if he was getting older, then I was in real trouble.  I have learned a lot from my own experiences with pain, both as a child and as a patient well over 50 years of age.

L Elbow, Radial Head Fracture

Left Elbow Radial Head Fracture at the arrow

R Ankle, Bimalleolar Fracture

Right Bimalleolar Ankle Fracture at the arrows

Many elderly patients deal well with their pain, and they heal big injuries very well, including fractures, without any persisting pain.  I have learned not only from their positive attitude, but also from what they do and do not do.

They do not ignore pain.  They do learn from their pain.  They make changes in their habits, based on what they learn.  They practice being consistent to keep remembering what they have learned, which allows them to apply what they have learned in many ways.  They are grateful for the relief they feel.

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California Poppies, Red and Gold

California Poppies, Red and Gold, not Opium Poppies

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