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Updated 2/21/2020

This eBook free sample of the ePub version of The Miracle of Pain has the first 2 chapters of the 35 chapters, which is 8% of the book.  It is fully searchable and there are online or offline dictionary lookups. It can be read aloud to you in easy to listen to male or female voices.  The license for this free version allows you to share the file itself, or the link to the book website page, to anyone you choose to share it with. 


On a different page on this website you can also purchase the full PDF eBook version for $9.99.  Go to the Shop button on the Menu.


Also, at you can purchase the full book for $9.99 in all 7 eBook formats for all your devices. 


The license for a full eBook version is for personal use only and should not be shared.  Please respect the time and resources the author and publisher have committed by considering a purchase of the full eBook.

ePub eBook sample of The Miracle of Pain, discounted to $0 from

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  • For an Audio Book, because most devices now have built-in Audio Reading functions, the PDF and ePub formats work well.  Many devices have male or female voices in different accents.  They have become pretty good!  This includes smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.